✨ Intern Spotlight: Meet Fah Orarat, MONIX’s In-House Legal Intern

Meet Fah, Orarat A-Nansuthivara, a recent graduate from International LL.B. Program in Business Law Thammasat. She used to work as a law firm intern during her junior year. After graduation, she joined MONIX as a Legal and Compliance Intern.

What motivated her to join MONIX as an intern and what are the experiences she had working as an in-house legal intern? Let’s discover her fun moments here.👇🏻

What inspired you to join MONIX which is a new-born fintech start-up, apart from other renowned companies or law firms?

“Firstly, I want to try something else rather than law firms as I was an intern in a law firm before. So, I was looking for an in-house legal intern position and upon searching I found MONIX. I feel like it is a well-established start-up under the SCB umbrella which can be trusted. Also, I wanted to explore the fast-paced culture and the highly motivated people in start-ups.”

And what about when you joined. How was the experience?

“Overall, it is a very good experience. I really did a wide variety of projects which helped me grow and learn. The experience was very hands-on, and I really did get to see the different perspectives and how law can be used in a corporate structure which is greatly different from the classes I have taken. It is more in-depth and practical. I learned a lot and was more careful in reviewing legal documents.”

Any prior knowledge or experiences required before joining?

“For me, I’d say eagerness and intention to learn and try out new things is enough. Skills can be later trained. MONIX is seeking for culture fit, so you don’t have to worry much about skills.” 

Anything else that makes you enjoy working here?

“I like the working culture here. It is very flexible and open. I can express my opinion freely. Regarding the projects, the seniors are very open to my opinion, I could tell them about the things I wish to work on or the things that are not my strength, and they respect that. Moreover, I really gained hands-on experience and had the chance of doing fieldwork outside of the company. For example, I got the opportunity to join the team to do on-site legal work at the Department of Business Development.”

Can you tell us more about the team culture and your supervisor?

“The team was really nice and supportive. There were some topics that I haven’t learned before and my senior took the time and effort to explain them to me from the beginning. Apart from that, the team took care of me even outside of work. We had team dinners and I even got a seat cushion so that I don’t work with a backache. They took care of me to another level!”

What are your responsibilities and projects that you are most proud of their impact?

“I worked on writing the first legal draft for privacy policy which is posted on the website where our customers can see. I feel like it really has a real-world impact as it is one of the touch points for our customers and felt proud that I was a part of the project.”

What have you gained from working here?

“Working here has led me to become a more detail-oriented person. I was more careful of what I did as it really had an impact. Moreover, I learned a lot from the team, as they really took the effort to recheck my work and gave lots of feedback for my improvement. They did not just assign me to work and let me just pass, but taught me and corrected me along the way, which was really nice and helped me improve a lot. I felt like I have learned a lot in a short period of time.”

Any advice for those who hesitate to join MONIX for an internship?

“No need to hesitate. This is a very good learning opportunity. It’s okay to make mistakes along the way. Even if you might not know everything from the beginning but this is a good learning opportunity. I’d say it’s a great lesson for me to experience real-world work so don’t hesitate to join. With a good intention to learn more and develop your skills, you can definitely apply here. It’ll be worth it.”

MONIX gives fresh grads and interns the opportunities to discover yourself and a potential chance to convert into fulltime employees. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate further! Send your recently updated CV in English with your portfolio to join@monix.co.th.

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