COO of MONIX Shines on The Self-Disruption in Banking Series Stage by The Digital Banker

COO of MONIX Shines on The Self-Disruption in Banking Series Stage by The Digital Banker
Tyra, our COO of MONIX, graces the stage at The Self-Disruption in Banking Series by The Digital Banker. Gain valuable knowledge and inspiration as Tyra shares her profound insights on Digital Leadership: The Path Forward and the transformative power of technology. Discover the strategies that will keep you ahead in the dynamic era of digital revolution.

On May 23, 2023, Thiranun "Tyra" Arunwattanakul, the Chief Operating Officer of MONIX, took part in The Digital Banker's prestigious conference, "The Self-Disruption in Banking Series, Southeast Asia Tour (Thailand)." The event, held at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, brought together industry experts to discuss the future of digital leadership in banking and the strategies required to stay ahead of the competition.

As one of the panelists, Tyra captivated the audience with her profound insights on digital leadership. She highlighted the importance of leveraging emerging technologies to remain competitive in the financial sector. Drawing upon MONIX's expertise as an international joint-venture fintech startup, Tyra emphasized the significance of harnessing data-driven approaches and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

During her session, Tyra stressed five critical aspects of data analysis that drive successful digital transformations. Firstly, understanding the business requires identifying valid data sources rather than collecting unnecessary information. Secondly, the proper structuring and engineering of data enable organizations to keep pace with changes in customer behavior and optimize system performance. Thirdly, injecting intelligence into data models helps unlock their business value. Fourthly, effective data analysis capabilities allow for deeper insights into customer behavior, translating into better product offerings. Finally, monetizing data involves making all decisions based on its analysis, ensuring a data-driven approach at every step.

Tyra also highlighted the pivotal role of people in driving successful digital transformations. She emphasized the significance of having the right individuals within an organization who possess the discipline to utilize data effectively, rather than relying on assumptions or gut feelings. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of building new talent and infrastructure to propel digital innovation, rather than being hindered by historical legacies.

Looking toward the future, Tyra emphasized the need to prioritize human-centric approaches in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and AI. She emphasized that banking, or non-banking, should be seamlessly integrated into people's daily lives, making financial transactions more natural. Tyra acknowledged the challenges associated with embedding sophisticated technology within everyday applications while maintaining security and data integrity.

This showcased MONIX's commitment to digital leadership and innovation. Her valuable insights on data-driven strategies, the significance of human talent, and the future of banking, or non-banking, resonated with the audience, reinforcing MONIX's position as a thought leader in the industry. As MONIX continues to push boundaries and transform the financial landscape, their focus on people, cutting-edge technology, and customer-centricity remains unwavering.


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