FINNIX Launches "Debt Slave" Campaign to Help Thai People in the Fight Against Illegal Loan Shark Apps and Break Free from Illegal Debt

FINNIX is taking a leading role in helping Thai people who are burdened by illegal debt by launching the "Debt Slave" campaign. Created from real-life experiences of users who have been victims of illegal loan applications or debt services, the campaign aims to promote financial independence and break free from the vicious cycle of illegal lending. By providing precise knowledge and understanding to the public, it also seeks to prevent individuals from falling prey to fraudulent schemes. Additionally, the campaign aligns with the Empowerment strategy of the F.I.R.E. ecosystem, which supports the underbanked in meeting their financial needs.

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd., said “at the present, people are experiencing the heat from unlicensed loan apps or illegal loan services. According to our research, there were more than 30 unlicensed lending apps among Thailand’s top 100 finance apps downloaded in the first quarter of 2023, which are not authorized to operate under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand. These apps often force borrowers to pay back their loans before the deadline, adjust interest rates afterward, lend less than what was approved, and use unethical practices to force borrowers to be in debt. Additionally, the recent outbreak of scammers has caused people to fall victim to various forms of fraud, resulting in significant financial losses.

Therefore, FINNIX, a loan app for people who need to make a better living, provided by MONIX Co., Ltd., places great importance on helping consumers stay away from illegal debt. We have created the "Debt Slave" campaign to encourage people to break the cycle of unlicensed loan apps and to raise public awareness of the issue of illegal debt and its effects. The campaign also aims to encourage people to avoid illegal apps and educate them on secure loaning practices to benefit users in the long term. Under the "Debt Slave" campaign, we aim to communicate that everyone deserves to be treated with respect as a human being, because no one should be treated as a slave, especially to an illegal shark loan. We strive to promote proper understanding of the legal loan system. This will enable people to access information and advice on how to manage their financial health, as well as decrease the problem of illegal debts that occur within Thai society.”

The “Debt Slave” campaign includes videos that present real-life stories of people who have experienced the consequences of borrowing from loan sharks or unlicensed lenders from various angles. These include being unable to pay back the high interest rates because it is a compound interest, only getting a portion of the loans, or having their personal information exposed without consent. These issues are widespread throughout Thailand and often lead to loss or harm to the lives and asset of borrowers. The campaign video can be watched on FINNIX's YouTube channel at    

As part of its commitment to promoting financial literacy and responsible lending practices in Thailand, the FINNIX app has launched a comprehensive educational campaign that includes a range of materials and resources designed to help consumers make informed decisions about borrowing. Among these resources is the e-book "Goo Sang, Goo Som," which offers practical advice and insights into the risks associated with borrowing from illegal lenders and how to avoid common scams. The e-book has been downloaded for more than 30,000 times so far via In addition to making these materials available on its website and social media channels, FINNIX helps to raise awareness and promote financial health throughout the country.

Moreover, the FINNIX app also helps in preventing people from falling victim to debt slavery or scammers posing as various legitimate loans by using the chatbot “actual loan or thief loan.” It is one of the automated response channels where users can ask for information about illegal app checks, investigate illegal loan behaviors, and any cheats to lose money 24 hours a day on FINNIX's Facebook at

FINNIX provides financial opportunities to customers, particularly the underbanked and those with low incomes, to lessen their financial burden and increase their access to financial services. We are committed to addressing the problem of unfair interest rates, which can result in endless debt. Through our efforts, people will no longer be dependent on unsecured loans. Additionally, we are collaborating with partners to create career opportunities for 30,000 people by 2023, enabling them to access more employment opportunities and earn higher incomes. The “Debt Slave” campaign is an expansion of the Empowerment strategy within MONIX’s F.I.R.E. ecosystem (Finance, Intel, Reward, and Empowerment). Its goal is to spread knowledge across FINNIX's various channels, allowing people to better understand the legal loan system and take control of their financial resources. This will strengthen their ability to repay debt and prevent them from becoming slaves to illegal loan apps or cycles.


The FINNIX application is provided by MONIX Co., Ltd. The application is regulated by the Bank of Thailand and operates legally at every step. Consumers can check the company's license at the Bank of Thailand website. Those interested can download the FINNIX application by visiting, learn more about the application and terms of use at, or via Facebook at