AI-Powered Lending App ‘FINNIX’ Unveils ‘5-Minute Approval to Fight for Life Campaign’ - Setting a Super-Fast Approval Standard for Digital Loan Industry

Setting a Super-Fast Approval Standard for Digital Loan Industry

FINNIX by MONIX Co., Ltd.has launched its groundbreaking ‘5-Minute Approval to Fight for Life Campaign’ through a captivating and unique video advertisement, resonating with insights into the needs of today's underbanked individuals. This pioneering initiative is based on the firm belief that customers should receive loan approval results within just 5 minutes. This sets a new benchmark for the digital lending landscape in Thailand. By the end of 2023, FINNIX aims to achieve a remarkable milestone of over 15 million app downloads and to assist 1 million people in Thailand in accessing legal financial services.

The '5-Minute Approval to Fight for Life Campaign' aims to create awareness of the FINNIX app among underbanked individuals in need of immediate access to funds. Rooted in profound insights that equate long waits for loan approval results with a state of limbo, the campaign resonates with the sentiments of those awaiting loan approvals, where every aspect of life seems to come to a grinding halt. Recognizing its customers' needs, FINNIX expands upon this campaign, showcasing its proficiency in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology for streamlined processing and product development. This ensures that customers receive rapid and immediate responses to their financial requirements within 5 minutes, allowing them to move forward with their lives.

The 1.55-minute video tells the story of a fruit vendor family facing rent arrears from the market owner due to a lack of necessary funds. When the fruit vendor mother downloaded a random app to borrow money, they faced a lengthy approval process. The advertisement humorously narrates the story, transporting viewers back to 10,000 years before Christ. However, when she discovered the FINNIX app, the waiting game came to an end because it can quickly approve loans in just 5 minutes, providing them with the capital needed to pay the rent and make a living without further delay. Click here to watch the video

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd., affirmed, "We have gained insights into our customers, and they do not want to wait for loan approval results, especially when they are in need of liquidity. Therefore, time is a key success factor. We have conducted several tests, and the results have shown that an approval time of '5 minutes' meets their needs. Our 100% AI-powered FINNIX app can swiftly approve loan applications the fastest in 5 minutes, anytime and anywhere, resonating well with underbanked individuals with low incomes. We are launching the '5-Minute Approval to Fight for Life Campaign' to make legal loans accessible, secure, and expedited, enabling the underbanked to lead smoother lives without falling victim to endless debt cycles associated with loan sharks. This campaign underscores our commitment to addressing Thailand's enduring issue of unregulated debt while solidifying MONIX's vision of creating opportunities for people to prosper and enjoy life. We expect this campaign to raise awareness of the FINNIX app and establish it as the top-of-mind legal digital lending app. We anticipate a significant surge in app downloads, aiming for 15 million downloads and reaching the milestone of 1 million customers by the end of this year."

Tailored for the underbanked, the FINNIX app offers a digital nano loan. Customers can receive a super-fast approval result in just 5 minutes, with a line of credit of up to THB 100,000 and a low monthly interest rate of only 2.75%. Applicants from all occupations with a monthly income of more than THB 8,000 can apply anytime and anywhere, without the need for a guarantor, collateral, or salary slips. The app provides flexible repayment options that suit their financial situation. Additionally, users can earn FINNIX Coins for maintaining a good credit score and enjoy several benefits, including redeeming them for temporary credit line increases and interest discounts.

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The FINNIX application is provided by MONIX Co., Ltd. The application is regulated by the Bank of Thailand and operates legally at every step. Consumers can check the company's license at the Bank of Thailand website. Those interested can download the FINNIX application by visiting, learn more about the application and terms of use at, or via Facebook at