First Time in Nano Finance: FINNIX Launches "FINNIX Coin" to Reward Good Credit Customers with Temporary Credit Line Increase and Interest Discounts

 FINNIX Launches "FINNIX Coin" to Reward Good Credit Customers with Temporary Credit Line Increase and Interest Discounts

FINNIX introduces "FINNIX Coin," an innovative feature that rewards customers with good credit. As the first nano finance platform in Thailand, FINNIX enables customers to exchange coins for interest discounts and temporary credit line increase within FINNIX app. This initiative addresses the insight question of "What do I get for having good credit?" and emphasizes that accumulating coins promotes sustainable financial behavior. Moreover, it enhances the success of the "Star Hunt" game, motivating customers to maintain better credit than regular customers, up to three times more. This initiative aligns with MONIX's 2023 F.I.R.E. Ecosystem strategy in the "Reward (R)" category for this year.

Powered by MONIX Co., Ltd., FINNIX has embraced gamification by offering the captivating "Star Hunt" game since 2021 to incentivize and motivate customers to make timely payments and practice financial discipline. Over the past three years, the remarkable success of the "Star Hunt"game has demonstrated its ability to significantly enhance discipline, leading customers to maintain good credit that surpasses that of regular customers by up to three times. To amplify this success, FINNIX has developed a new feature called "FINNIX Coin" with the concept of "Good Credit, Earn Rewards," based on customer insights into the needs of low-income customers who require credit line increase and interest discounts to support their small businesses and alleviate debt burdens. This exciting feature allows customers who consistently make timely payments to collect coins and exchange them for temporary credit line increase or interest discounts. Customers can enjoy these benefits on the FINNIX app anytime, anywhere.

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd., said, " FINNIX is a digital lending platform that provides cutting-edge financial services to underbanked individuals. Our aim is to promote a culture of responsible financial behavior while ensuring an enjoyable user experience. Today, we are thrilled to unveil 'FINNIX Coin,' marking a significant milestone as the first-ever reward system in the nano finance app industry for customers with good credit. Our commitment to enhancing the 'Reward (R)' element within our F.I.R.E. Ecosystem strategy is unwavering, and we are dedicated to offering continuous support to customers who maintain good credit. Through the optimization of our gamified application system, we strive to strengthen our customers' financial management behavior, fostering a strong sense of intention and responsibility. Ultimately, this proactive approach will contribute to the long-term reduction of bad debt in our country, benefiting our society as a whole."

FINNIX customers who maintain good credit can effortlessly accumulate "FINNIX Coin" by making payments on or within three days of the due date. For every 1 Baht of interest paid, they will earn 1 coin. These coins entitle customers to various benefits. Presently, they have the option to redeem them for temporary credit line increase and interest discounts. Furthermore, as our app continues to grow, customers can look forward to enjoying more exclusive privileges from our partners in the future.

"FINNIX Coin" serves as a reward for our customers who show commendable financial behavior and responsibility. It serves as a crucial component of the F.I.R.E. (Finance, Intel, Reward, and Empowerment) strategy for 2023. This exciting new feature aims to promote disciplined financial behavior among our customers by incentivizing them with coins as rewards. Customers can enjoy exclusive benefits that help them reduce their daily expenses or expand their businesses. Guided by our unwavering vision to create opportunities for people to prosper and enjoy life, we are fully committed to enhancing the customer experience and fostering a sustainable community rooted in responsible financial behavior through our innovative FINNIX app.


The FINNIX application is provided by MONIX Co., Ltd. The application is regulated by the Bank of Thailand and operates legally at every step. Consumers can check the company's license at the Bank of Thailand website. Those interested can download the FINNIX application by visiting, learn more about the application and terms of use at, or via Facebook at