MONIX Executive on Data Literacy: How to Empower Teams to Read, Communicate, and Harness Data for Marketing Efficiency? at The MarTech Summit Bangkok 2023

Mr. Natthapong Inpo, Marketing Director of MONIX took center stage at The MarTech Summit Bangkok 2023, held at the Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit on October 18, 2023. The event experienced a dynamic exchange of invaluable insights during a panel discussion titled, "Data Literacy: How to Empower Teams to Read, Communicate, and Harness Data for Marketing Efficiency?" The session provided attendees with a wealth of expertise on data literacy in marketing, setting the stage for a more data-driven future for the industry.

Mr. Natthapong Inpo, Marketing Director of MONIX, shared his wisdom and offered an inspiring and transformative perspective on enhancing data literacy through a compelling narrative.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Natthapong emphasized the most effective and efficient way to elevate data literacy within a team. He recommended starting with simple "Why" questions. Clarifying "why" team members should enhance their data literacy and illustrating the benefits for them is vital. This approach helps individuals understand the reasons behind the need for data and enables them to derive valuable insights. To achieve this, he proposed a strategy that connects personal growth with the success of the organization or team. By aligning personal development with business results, fostering a workforce that is not only data-savvy but also deeply engaged, ultimately leading to a more successful organization.  

Data Literacy: A Necessity for All

Natthapong further emphasized that fostering a data-driven culture is essential at every level within an organization. This approach enables informed actions and decisions, providing a competitive edge in the modern world. He stated that using data is not a choice but a necessity. Data literacy is integral to every aspect of work, even in areas like marketing communications, where measuring effectiveness can be challenging. Data is essential for analysis and decision-making, leaving no room for debate. Even for creative team, such as designers, who may not traditionally work with data, it is essential to illustrate the concrete impact of their work and how it influences the company's performance. Data literacy does not need to be overly technical; the key is to showcase tangible progress. He used the example of two designs, A and B, to illustrate how data can clearly demonstrate the value of their work.

As for when to begin empowering teams with data literacy, Natthapong highlighted that it should start from day one, whether it is for new team members or existing ones. Data-driven decision-making should be ingrained in the organization's culture. Newcomers are expected to possess these skills, while existing team members must acquire them to align with the company's direction. There is no room for compromise; data literacy is a non-negotiable requirement as we are 100% AI-powered company.

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Overcoming the Biggest Bottleneck and Measuring Success in Data Literacy

Natthapong emphasized that the biggest bottleneck for companies aiming to become more data-driven is often unclear communication. Companies frequently struggle to effectively convey why being data-driven is essential and how individual contributions directly impact business performance. To address this challenge, organizations need to connect the dots between data and their goals. In this context, the graphic design team plays a crucial role, particularly when discussing the fusion of commercial art and data-driven initiatives.  

Therefore, the graphic design team, and other relevant teams, should calculate the number of hours required to generate these works. Additionally, they should develop an evaluation form for stakeholders to gauge the response. This approach not only ensures that decision-making becomes data-driven but also humanizes the process by transforming data into a universal language that everyone can comprehend.

To foster a data-driven culture, organizations must establish a robust data model and structure. This entails making data an integral part of daily operations. In-house analysts are instrumental at the operational level, facilitating the transition from the current state to a data-centric one. Furthermore, alternative data plays a critical role in optimizing the underwriting process, aiding the organization in effectively hitting its targets

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Natthapong's session concluded with a powerful message: "Talk Data, Walk Data." He emphasized the importance of making data a universal language in both words and actions in everyday work, transforming teams into data-driven powerhouses.  

The MarTech Summit Bangkok event was truly enlightening, leaving attendees equipped with the knowledge and inspiration needed to embark on the journey towards data literacy and success in the marketing field. MONIX executive's insights have set the stage for a brighter, data-driven future in the world of marketing.


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