MONIX Executives Inspire Next-Gen Leaders and Entrepreneurs at BIZ CUBE Chula Forum 2023

MONIX Executives Inspire Next-Gen Leaders and Entrepreneurs at BIZ CUBE Chula Forum 2023

MONIX executives took center stage at the BIZ CUBE Chula Forum 2023, held on August 6, 2023, at Chulalongkorn University. The event witnessed an exchange of invaluable experiences and insights, leaving attendees enriched with vital skills for ascending leadership roles and gaining fresh perspectives on the future of leadership and marketing.

Thiranun "Tyra" Arunwattanakul, the Chief Operating Officer of MONIX, was a key contributor in a dynamic panel discussion themed "The Future of Leadership Development." Tyra shared visionary insights on how leadership is evolving in the modern business landscape. “Leadership is rooted in mindset and attitude, not just external validation. Let me emphasize several crucial leadership skills. Firstly, the ability to prioritize and manage responsibilities purposefully, involving personal accountability and effective direction of oneself and the team. Secondly, the skill of discernment and adaptability, leaders should understand what aligns with the organization and allocate resources accordingly based on timing and context. Another critical skill is decisiveness and accountability, making informed decisions even with incomplete information, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.”

Tyra also highlighted "the concept of constant change for individuals and organizations, reframing mismatches as opportunities for growth. MONIX's collaborative approach to work showcased cross-team collaboration, leading to the development of a digital lending platform. Significance shifted towards cultivating organizational culture as MONIX evolved. Transitioning from rapid product development to refining methodologies underscored the importance of a strong culture, resulting in higher standards.”

Meanwhile, Natthapong Inpo, Marketing Director of MONIX, showcased his expertise in a captivating panel discussion titled "The Road to Excellence in Marketing." Natthapong emphasized, “Brands must comprehend empathy. FINNIX emerged during the pandemic as a response to limited credit access. Through thorough research, we developed the FINNIX app by analyzing customer behaviors, needs, and concerns. AI and MI enhanced the app's efficiency, making financial opportunities accessible.”

Natthapong introduced “From the marketing perspective, I outline the importance of the 5Cs framework. The first C - Customer, empathizing with customers is vital. The second C - Calculation follows, knowing how to set budgets and ROI evaluations. Testing concepts on paper is crucial. The third C-Competitor analysis comes next, finding ways to outshine rivals. The fourth C - Communication, effectively reaching customers, involves understanding touchpoints and brand positioning. Lastly, C-Circumstance, adapting to change is crucial. Moreover, for marketing success, it revolves around the DASH acronym: D for Data, crucial in the modern marketing landscape. A for Art, exploring hidden art within key messages. S for Science, effectively calculating budgets and ROI. Lastly, H for Human, anchoring endeavors in service to humanity.”

The impact of MONIX and its accomplished executives on the event was palpable. Their contributions ignited a fervent drive among attendees, inspiring them to reach new heights. The journey underlined the importance of mindset, adaptability, and fostering an inclusive, innovative environment to thrive as leaders and drive organizational success. The essence of effective marketing, showcasing empathy, strategic analysis, and a human-centered approach in crafting impactful campaigns. The shared insights will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on the minds of aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, propelling them toward a brighter future.


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