MONIX’s New-Gens Showcase Fintech Innovation for Financial Inclusion with AI & ML Power Behind FINNIX Digital Lending App at Techsauce Global Summit 2023

MONIX’s New-Gens Showcase Fintech Innovation for Financial Inclusion with AI & ML Power Behind FINNIX Digital Lending App at Techsauce Global Summit 2023

MONIX Co., Ltd. (MONIX), the pioneer behind FINNIX digital lending application, spearheaded a new-generation team's participation in the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, a Southeast Asia’s biggest and best tech summit, held on August 16-17, 2023. This showcase was a resounding affirmation of MONIX's commitment to fintech innovation, spotlighting by the integration of cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies into the evolution of the FINNIX app. This strategic integration aims to extend the opportunity in financial accessibility and elevate the financial well-being of the underbanked. Currently, the FINNIX app has achieved a remarkable milestone, with over 10 million downloads.

As a key participant in the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, MONIX stood shoulder to shoulder with the flagship SCBX and the SCBX Group, highlighting the group's strength and commanding attention with its digital technology prowess within the Digital Transformation exhibition. Adding to the significance of the occasion, the new-gen team led an insightful workshop on 'When Empathy Marries AI to Fight for Financial Inclusion,' illuminating MONIX's empathetic approach to customer relations coupled with AI's transformative potential. This alliance endeavors to create all-encompassing opportunities for every Thai citizen to access comprehensive financial services.

Mr. Nattapon Suraratrangsi, Legal and Compliance Director of MONIX Co., Ltd., remarked during the event, "At MONIX, customer-centricity is at the heart of our operations. We persistently execute our F.I.R.E. Ecosystem strategy, aimed at enriching the quality and scope of our digital lending platform to cater to evolving customer needs. F.I.R.E. Ecosystem consists of F-Finance, where our tech team constantly innovates to enhance the FINNIX app, fostering secure and swift access to legitimate lending for Thai individuals. The I-Intel dimension involves the creation of the 'FINNIX Credit Report,' a comprehensive financial health assessment that empowers customers with insights into their financial behaviors and tailored advisory services. R-Reward introduces 'FINNIX Coin,' a gamified incentive system benefiting disciplined customers with attractive rewards like interest discounts or temporary credit line increases. Finally, E-Empowerment leverages MONIX's robust cross-industry partnerships to offer privileges aimed at reducing our customer’s daily expenses and creating job opportunities for 30,000 people, 25,000 of whom are already in the pipeline.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Wattanai Thangsrirojkul, Senior Product Owner of MONIX Co., Ltd., added, "Beyond our unwavering customer focus, MONIX espouses a data-driven culture to superior customer experiences. Our success narrative thrives on collaborative efforts involving stakeholders ranging from customers and leaders to team members and shareholders. This synergy enables us to devise solutions precisely attuned to their requirements, resulting in seamless digital experiences. Our adept tech professionals play a pivotal role in conceiving and refining the FINNIX app, harnessing data and technology to formulate models, engage in data mining and analysis, and harness AI and ML capabilities to augment functionality and introduce novel features. Our comprehensive process spans research, design, prototyping, A/B testing, deployment, business operation, and feedback integration. This systematic approach empowered MONIX to the FINNIX app as a 100% digital lending solution, exceeding customer expectations with remarkable efficiency."

The integration of AI and machine learning technology has significantly expedited and simplified the customer experience, enabling the FINNIX app to process applications and approvals in less than 5 minutes, accessible 24/7 from anywhere. The pivotal advancement contributes to the app's achievement of surpassing 10 million downloads. This accomplishment stands as a testament to MONIX's capacity to channel innovation and technology toward the advancement of financial platforms and services, specifically tailored for the Thai peoples. It further synergizes with our F.I.R.E. Ecosystem strategy, propelling us toward robust business growth. MONIX aims to create opportunities for people to prosper and enjoy life, steadfastly committed to nurturing a sustainable society characterized by prudent financial behaviors. This commitment propels us toward leadership within the realm of exceptional digital lending services, poised to expand boundlessly.


The FINNIX application is provided by MONIX Co., Ltd. The application is regulated by the Bank of Thailand and operates legally at every step. Consumers can check the company's license at the Bank of Thailand website. Those interested can download the FINNIX application by visiting, learn more about the application and terms of use at, or via Facebook at