MONIX Teams Up with 4 Big Partners to Create 50,000 Jobs for Thai Underbanked via FINNIX App with “Empowering Self-Employed to Thrive - Season 2” Campaign

MONIX Teams Up with 4 Big Partners to Create 50,000 Jobs for Thai Underbanked via FINNIX App with “Empowering Self-Employed to Thrive - Season 2” Campaign

FINNIX app by MONIX is joining forces with four leading national partners - Major Cineplex Group (MAJOR), Siamrajathanee (SO), Daywork, and Divana - to launch the "Empowering Self-Employed to Thrive - Season 2" campaign. With the positive success from Season 1, this initiative is dedicated to offering job opportunities and supplemental income for underbanked individuals in Thailand. The campaign offers exclusive privileges to customers and addresses the need for increased income and reduced expenses in daily life, enabling them to achieve greater financial freedom. The goal is to create more than 50,000 job opportunities via the FINNIX app.

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd., said, “Building on our success in 2022, the ‘Empowering Self-Employed to Thrive' campaign has already enabled more than 25,000 FINNIX customers to secure jobs and build careers. They have also enjoyed special discounts from our partner companies, which have eased their daily expenses. This, in turn, has significantly enhanced their financial stability, boosted their ability to repay debts, and expedited loan repayments for some customers. Furthermore, we have seen a surge in applications for new loans to support small business operations. This year, we are unwaveringly seeking new partners who share our vision to join Season 2 of the campaign, dedicated to creating sustainable job opportunities for Thai people. This aligns seamlessly with MONIX’s F.I.R.E. (Finance, Intel, Reward, Empowerment) Ecosystem strategy within the Empowerment category, fostering collaborative relationships with partners from various business sectors."

The collaboration between the FINNIX app and its national partners includes: 1) Major Cineplex Group, a provider of movie exhibitions and entertainment services; 2) Siamrajathanee, the sole one-stop service for outsourcing services in the Thai Stock Exchange; 3) Daywork, a one-stop part-time job recruitment service for individuals and companies; and 4) Divana, one of the leaders in health, beauty, and fragrance products in the international market. Together, these partners are on a mission to create a positive impact in Thailand by generating job opportunities, boosting careers, and enhancing income levels, all with the aim of securing a stable and sustainable financial future.

Mr. Narute Jiensnong, Chief Marketing Officer of Major Cineplex Group PLC., said, “Major Cineplex is delighted to collaborate with the FINNIX app in this campaign. We believe that we can provide great job opportunities across the country, featuring a diverse range of interesting positions. What’s more, we offer exclusive benefits to FINNIX customers, allowing them to directly apply for positions at Major Cineplex on the FINNIX app, making it a convenient, fast and easily accessible to everyone.”

Mr. Chinnapat Jadcharoen, President of Technology of Siamrajathanee PLC., stated, “SO is dedicated to supporting this campaign by offering job opportunities and career development, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for the Thai people. We stand prepared to contribute with our integrated work system, including personnel and technology services and personnel training to meet the evolving demands of the labor market. Specifically, we leverage Tech-Enabled Outsourcing Solutions to streamline the outsourcing process, recruitment, and performance metrics, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. We are confident in our role as a valuable partner, further strengthening MONIX's endeavor.”

Ms. Sasiwimon Siangchaeo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Daywork (Thailand) Co., Ltd., emphasized, “This collaboration benefits both sides, with Daywork members gaining access to suitable financial products via the FINNIX app. Meanwhile, Daywork is creating job opportunities for FINNIX customers to earn extra income, which significantly improves their financial stability. We see Daywork and FINNIX as mutually supportive partners, bringing the most substantial advantages to our valued customers.”

Ms. Apiradee Herunramdej, Co-Founder and Director of Divana Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries, revealed, “Divana has consistently supported employment and career development in collaboration with the FINNIX app, providing opportunities for individuals looking to change their lives through the spa industry. We present various paths for campaign participants to acquire knowledge, offering financial resources for skill enhancement and opening doors to various career paths, such as restaurant service positions, sales roles. As our top priority, we also provide exclusive privileges to FINNIX customers.”

For those interested in the "Empowering Self-Employed to Thrive - Season 2" campaign, discover the opportunities for job creation and career development through the FINNIX app. This digital lending platform is designed to empower low-income, underbanked individuals and is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can easily download the FINNIX app at and gather more information from the website or visit our Facebook page at


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