Leading Digital Lender MONIX Wins 3 Big Awards with FINNIX Application from The Digital CX Awards 2023, Aiming to Hit 25 Billion Baht In Loans This Year

MONIX Co., Ltd., the provider of digital lending application FINNIX, has won three prestigious awards from The Digital CX Awards 2023, a leading global event hosted by The Digital Banker. These awards include Best Fintech for Digital CX – Personal Finance, which was won for the second consecutive year, Best Digital Bank for CX, and the highly acclaimed Best Retail Bank for Digital CX in Thailand. These recognitions reflect the company's success in delivering an outstanding digital lending experience for the underbanked, who seek financial support to enhance financial inclusion and reduce inequality. MONIX achieved this by upgrading its electronic know-your-customer (e-KYC) process and the FINNIX Credit Report, enabling customers to understand their own financial behavior and health, along with receiving advice for building good credit. MONIX aims to hit 25 billion baht in loans this year.

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd., said, "MONIX is delighted and honored to receive three global awards, one of which we have received for the second consecutive year. This reflects our commitment to our vision of creating opportunities for people to prosper and enjoy life. These awards not only demonstrate our excellent performance in delivering high-quality and efficient digital lending experiences to our customers but also show our success in utilizing AI and machine learning to develop platforms and promote financial inclusion for Thais. Currently, FINNIX has over 3 million users and has disbursed more than 18 billion baht in loans. These impressive figures confirm MONIX's success in achieving our vision.”

Best Fintech for Digital CX - Personal Finance reaffirms the success of the FINNIX application, a nano-finance lending platform powered by AI and machine learning, for the second consecutive year. This platform effectively drives financial inclusion for the underbanked by providing a fast and seamless loan application and approval process. Customers can receive loan results and funds in as little as five minutes, anywhere and anytime. To date, the FINNIX application has been downloaded over 10 million times.

Best Digital Bank for CX reflects the success of the development of the FINNIX application, which provides digital lending services without requiring physical interactions. This application offers various features to enhance the customer experience, such as electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) identification and verification within 60 seconds and the FINNIX Credit Report, which helps borrowers assess their financial health and provides guidelines for credit building. These features enable customers without bank accounts or financial documents to apply for loans more quickly and securely.

Best Retail Bank for Digital CX in Thailand highlights MONIX’s commitment to delivering an excellent digital lending experience to the more than 36 million low-income underbanked people in Thailand. MONIX leverages innovative technologies to upgrade the digital loan application process by using only ‘alternative data’ to accurately assess the quality and risk of new and existing customers. Borrowers are not required to submit documents or provide personal or asset guarantees. The application also provides loan payment options suitable for borrowers and ensures the best user experience.

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX Co., Ltd. (Right)
Ms. Phutkrong Utiswannakul, Product Owner of MONIX Co., Ltd. (Left)

“MONIX has won the Best Fintech for Digital CX - Personal Finance award for the second consecutive year, highlighting the company's continuous efforts to strive for excellence. This achievement stems from our F.I.R.E. Ecosystem strategy, which stands for Finance, Intel, Reward, and Empowerment. We utilize technology to provide customers with the best possible access to and understanding of our services. The company aims to grow the total loan portfolio to 25 billion baht this year, which represents at least twice the amount compared to the previous year, through product development, collaborative campaigns with business partners, and enhanced financial inclusion for customers. Moreover, winning all three awards confirms our team’s dedication and fills us with pride. We remain focused on utilizing new technologies to enhance our outstanding digital financial services and strive for excellence in the fintech industry,” said Ms. Thiranun.

The Digital CX Awards recognize businesses and financial service providers that incorporate technology and innovation to create the best financial user experience in the world. The awards are given to organizations that can evaluate customers' needs in an ever-changing digital economy and provide financial services according to the context of each award category.


The FINNIX application is provided by MONIX Co., Ltd. The application is regulated by the Bank of Thailand and operates legally at every step. Consumers can check the company's license at the Bank of Thailand website. Those interested can download the FINNIX application by visiting, learn more about the application and terms of use at, or via Facebook at